Speech Language Associates: Adds a Home Page Listing our Services

Speech Language Associates, LLC provides screenings, evaluations, and therapy for speech (articulation, fluency) and language (receptive/expressive language, semantic-vocabulary skills, language processing, reading, writing) concerns. Speech Language Associates, LLC also provides American Sign Language workshops. Description of examples of services available:

Play Therapy:
Play skills are a very important prerequisite skill to a child’s speech and language development. Children actively improve their socialization skills and learn how to engage in cooperative activities through play. Additionally, pretend play and activities like using puppets or playing dress-up provide children with opportunities to work on their speaking, sharing, and listening skills. Play is an fundamental part of children’s speech and language development because it encourages language development and expands your child’s imagination.

Articulation / Stuttering Therapy:
Articulation and Speech Therapy aim to help your child produce and shape speech sounds appropriately. Children may substitute, delete, add, or change various speech sounds. For example, your child may say “ba” instead of “bar,” or substitute sounds that are made in the back of the mouth (e.g., “k” and “g”) with sounds that are made in the front of the mouth (e.g., “t” and “d”). Speech therapy is also an effective way for children and parents to learn strategies to reduce and/or eliminate stuttering.

We are Speech Buddy providers:

Speech Buddies are a series of revolutionary speech therapy products to help children and adults learn correct and consistent tongue positioning for five of the most difficult-to-learn problem sounds – R, S, L, CH, & SH.

Language Therapy:
Language is composed of both expressive and receptive language. Expressive language therapy focuses on a person’s ability to express his or her thoughts and feelings through communication (whether in sign, written, or in speech). Expressive language also includes a person’s vocabulary and use of grammar. In contrast, receptive language refers to a person’s ability to attend to, process, comprehend, retain, or integrate spoken language. Accordingly, therapy for receptive language will focus on a person’s ability to understand spoken language and follow directions. Language therapy can assist children with developmental delay, persons with traumatic brain injuries (accidents, CVAs, etc.)

Reading and Writing Literacy Services:
Reading and writing literacy services strengthen children’s basic language skills (e.g., reading, reading comprehension, and writing skills). Speech – Language Associates, LLC uses both Speech Language Pathologists and Reading Specialists to assist with this service.

Family Training:
Family Training programs varying depending on the need (e.g. dysfluency, augmentative/alternative communication, social skills, etc.). Family Training is perfect for all parents that are interested in learning proven techniques and strategies that can be utilized to stimulate their children’s speech, language and learning development. Best of all, most of these techniques can be easily implemented throughout daily routines and during playtime.