Does your child have trouble with their speech sounds?

As parents, we always worry! We worry about if our child is sleeping enough, eating enough healthy foods, pooping enough, talking enough – when does the worry stop!? Then our babies start talking, and our toddlers start chatting, and we wonder – does MY child have a problem with their speech?! What happened to my baby who was so cute with her babbles and first words!? Now these words she IS saying, I don’t understand!

We’re here to tell you, it’s ok! Relax. Take a deep breath. Sounds come as we grow! What we’re supposed to be able to say at 8 years old, isn’t what we’re able to say at 3 years old. Let’s take a look. Each of the sounds shown below are typically produced correctly by the age in which they are categorized.

Let’s pretend – your child is 4. If she’s not saying her “r” and “l” sounds correctly, we’d say, “it’s ok, calm down mama; give her a couple of years >insert deep breath here<“. The problem is when she’s 4 and doesn’t have those three year old sounds (i.e. b, w, m, and so on). That’s when we have room for concern. Not to worry though – we’re here to help!

Something we always like to point out – if your child is 3 and they are working on developing those 3 year old sounds, but they can’t say any of them and their intelligibility as a whole is a big concern – It’s ok! She might need a little intervention.

Check out the template above to see if your child’s errors are still age appropriate or not… and if not, reach out to us! We’re happy to help! Give us a call 856-492-1355 or email us