Should I Be Reading With My 0-3 Year Old?

It’s never too early to teach good teachers. It’s never too early to read everyday!

Should I be reading to my infant or young toddler? The answer is YES! Did you know that reading is SUPER important for child development – at – all – ages!? Research shows that the more you read to an infant, the better his vocabulary and early reading skills will be. So, when you’re ready to start reading with your child, here’s a few quick tips to remember!

  1. Make reading a part of your routine. Try to read at least one book per day, but of course, more is better!
  2. Find a quiet space so that your child can hear your voice and isn’t distracted by background noise. If your child can’t hear you, then they’re not learning anything.
  3. Make sure they can see your face while reading. It’s important for your child to experience your facial expressions/emotions and how they change, depending on what you’re reading.
  4. Don’t just focus on the words. Crazy, I know! But be sure to talk about what’s happening in the pictures too. There’s loads of language (nouns, verbs, descriptors) that can be used to talk about a single picture.
  5. Emphasize familiar/rote phrases (i.e. Sandra Boynton books, Brown Bear Brown Bear, Go Car GO) so that your child begins to anticipate what’s to come when reading a story that’s familiar to them.
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If you have any questions about language development and your child, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!