Should I Be Reading With My Toddler?

Your child may be in preschool, they may be at daycare, or they may just be at home with you or another family member. Either way, should they be reading/being read to? Absolutely!

Never Stop Reading

Some people think, “Oh reading – that’s something that will be taught to my child once she starts kindergarten. That’s her teacher’s responsibility” Although, school is primarily where your child will work on their literacy skills, reading at home is EXTREMELY important too! Home is where your child’s foundation for language development and literacy skills begins! In a perfect world, your child should not only have access to books to explore on their own while they play, but reading together with an adult should be apart of your daily routine too!

So, bottom line – Try to read at least one book with your child each day. It doesn’t have to be long, and it doesn’t have to be perfect, but just READ! Talk about the pictures, talk about what’s happening, talk about how it made them feel or any real life connections that can be made. No matter what, JUST READ!

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Need suggestions on books, contact us! Do you have concerns your child just isn’t reading or listening to the books being read? We can help provide you tips to ensure you’re off to the right track! Reading starts at home, make sure we set that up for success!