Mommy and me Classes starting! building Blocks to language

We’ve been discussing how important we feel reading is to your children, no matter their age.

We are holding Mommy (parent) and Me Group, “Building Blocks to Language” to support you in your mission to have a healthy and happy baby who doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to developmental milestones.

Give your child a boost in their language development!

In our Mommy and Me classes, learn easy and fun ways to grow your child’s speech and language skills!  Learn ways to encourage language through everyday interactions and play.

Do you have concerns about your child’s language development? Bring them with you!

Not sure how many words your toddler should be using? Want to learn helpful strategies help your child’s language skills during play and everyday interactions? Want to connect with other families and make new friends? Want to learn expert strategies from a Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist?

In Language Building groups, you will learn:

  • How to respond to your child to get them talking
  • How to be an appropriate language model so your child acquires language faster
  • How to create language opportunities throughout the day
  • How to easily modify your daily routines to increase communication
  • Simple language strategies that can be quickly implemented into day-to-day activities
  • Fun ways to increase the words your child is saying
  • Sign language you can easily incorporate into your daily routines

We’re running our next class February 9th, 2022 10:45-11:30. Join us! Sign up here! Only $5 to enjoy an awesome 45-minute session with story time, crafts and toddler activities.