Thursday Therapy Material – Snowman in a Bag

Understandably, when a child comes to therapy, they have so much fun. They make neat things, play with awesome toys … and then when they go home, we as parents wonder – what can I do with my child to carry over that fun atmosphere and target those same skills!? It’s winter here and while we have no snow, we love to talk with it! Working together to make projects with our children is one of the best things we can do. It builds such language when we do it together. The best part is – most of the times, we can find all these things in our homes already!

So let’s give this a try!

What you’ll need:

-quart size ziplock bag

-googly eyes

-orange construction paper for nose

-black construction paper for mouth

-liquid glue

-shaving cream

-packing tape (optional – to seal the top of the bag)

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For our children who use AAC, here are some possible words and phrases to work on together!

Possible Target Phrases:

/glue/, /scissors/

/need/, /need + (item)/

/can I have + (item)/

/cut/, /cut + (shape)/

/make/, /make snowman/

/eyes/, /nose/, /mouth/

/on/, /put on/, /put on + (body part)/

/in/, /put in/, /put in shaving cream/

so GO, have a great time with it! Have FUN!