Why are preschool screenings are important!?

Many parents and early educators reach out asking if testing is needed for their young student or child. We think this is a great opportunity to check on a few things:

  1. learn how your child is growing and learning
  2. help identify any early stage concerns which allows for more time to address possible concerns
  3. just like your child’s pediatrician will screen your child’s hearing, speech/language screenings are great tools to determine if a child warrants a full speech-language or hearing evaluation

Screenings allow a speech-language pathologist to observe the child’s language understanding and use, production of speech sounds, vocal and nasal quality,  and social language skills. Speech and language skills are used in every part of learning and communicating with other children in school.

You can go into kindergarten confidently in knowing any speech concerns were identified in the screening and can be addressed in a further evaluation OR that any speech errors observed are developmentally appropriate.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us!

If you’d like to sign your child up for a screening, this link will help you accomplish that!