5 things you need to remember in doing TeleAAC evaluations.

I’m going to just say it: COVID19 has changed things. TeleAAC became a “thing” years ago but because of COVID now needs to know how to do the job they felt comfortable or maybe even only borderline comfortable doing it live, but now, online.  Last month I spoke about this during the Prenkte Romich Company’s … Continue reading 5 things you need to remember in doing TeleAAC evaluations.

Apraxia and Sign Language

Why Sign Language is Beneficial for Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) Sign language has shown to be beneficial for children diagnosed with CAS.  But why? Why is sign language working for children with CAS? First it’s important to really understand what apraxia is and what it is not. CAS is a motor planning disorder. CAS … Continue reading Apraxia and Sign Language

Meet Apraxia Mom and her story about her daughter with apraxia…

It's our pleasure to introduce Apraxia Mom and her voice, her journey with apraxia. This is a great story of a mother, an advocate, a friend and a warrior to help her daughter get whatever she needs to fight the 'apraxia beast'! Prognosis: the likelihood or prediction of the probable course and outcome. This is something … Continue reading Meet Apraxia Mom and her story about her daughter with apraxia…

Meet Ben & His Educational Journey

Please enjoy this special guest post from Benjamin Robinson during our January topic: Autism. Ben is a successful man living with autism who enjoys sharing his stories to hopefully help others in their path. I started school at young age. My first memories were in preschool, but I will start at grade school, I was … Continue reading Meet Ben & His Educational Journey

Help Rachel

<embed src="" flashVars="event_title=Help%20Rachel&event_desc=Signing%20Time%20helping%20others.%20" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowScriptAccess="always" wmode="transparent" width="220" height="220"></embed> Rachel Coleman, founder of Signing Time, is going to Ghana to help others learn and share sign language. Help this great cause. It’s true!! It’s true! The Signing Time Foundation is partnering with Signs of Hope International for a ten day humanitarian mission to spend time with, support, and do service … Continue reading Help Rachel

ASHA’s code of ethics

I realized January 2012 will be my 5 year anniversary with my first company in the field of speech language pathology. It brings me back to my graduate school days, clinicals, graduating and waiting my 9 months to become a fully certified clinician. For those looking for a 'speech therapist,' I wanted to pass on … Continue reading ASHA’s code of ethics