Importance of preschool screening

Are you concerned your child is not developing skills as quickly as other children?

Do you own a pre-school and witness children who appear possibly not developing like their peers?

Does your child appear frustrated when trying to communicate?

Are you unsure of what skills to expect by certain ages?

Why are pre-school screens so important?!

  1. Speech-language deficits affect about 1 in 12 children.
  2. The most critical period of speech and language development occurs between birth and age 5.
  3. Between birth and 5 is a critical time to address any delays before the brain becomes “hard wired” (aka – neuroplasticity!) and therapy becomes often a little challenging. At their earlier ages, their brains are developing and absorbing the information they obtain from what they see, hear and touch. 
  4. Assessing and treating children before entering school gives them time to adapt to their “new” speech and language patterns.  Some children may not need to continue therapy after they enter school. 

Preschool Speech & Language Screenings

  1. are useful to help ensure a child’s skills are on track
  2. are designed to identify children who could benefit from additional assessment and do not confirm or deny the presence of a speech or language disorder
  3. are a brief 15-25 minute assessment of your child’s communication skills in the following areas: stuttering, speech/articulation, language, hearing, expressive language, comprehension, and social language.

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